I enjoy trying different mediums and techniques and exploring the possibilities that they offer. I am particularly drawn to watercolors and the techniques of “wet on wet” and “veil painting”. I also love alcohol ink, oil pastels, acrylics, mosaics and oil painting. Please browse my Art Gallery below. If you see something that you just have to own, I can provide you with greeting cards, small or large journals, prints and even the original artwork. ~Kristin

Autumn Colors
Autumn Has Fallen - Alcohol Ink - 11 X 14 - $150

Spring Colors

Tulips in Spring - Alcohol Ink - 11 X 14 - $160

Reds & Pinks

Winter Colors

Moonlight in the Forest - Acrylic - 12 X 12 - Sold - Print Available

Veil Paintings

Black & Whites

Rainbow Colors



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