KristiOriginal Artwork by Kristin Lee Hager

I have lived in the Corvallis area since 1991. I studied art for two years in college in Santa Barbara. While never working as a professional artist, I continued to draw and paint at home in my spare time. My artistic passion was rekindled when my two children started painting and drawing at the Corvallis Waldorf School. I began to devote more time and effort to my artistic endeavors and learning from other artists.

I am inspired by color. When I start a painting, I start with just one color. I love the subtleties and nuances that can be achieved by blending colors together and expressing form through them. Sometimes a form does not appear and the painting is just color. Other times I see a form/shape and I create from there. This is my favorite way to paint.

I enjoy trying different mediums and techniques and exploring the possibilities that they offer. I am particularly drawn to watercolors and the techniques of “wet on wet” and “veil painting”. I also love alcohol ink, oil pastels, acrylics and oil painting.

In addition to creating works to be hung on a wall, I also make greeting cards, prints and journals from my artwork. You can find these items, here,  on my website and on Etsy as well.

Kristin Lee Hager
P.O. Box 2534
Corvallis, Oregon  97339

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